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I am bisexual myself but lean towards the gay side about a 4 on the Kinsey scale. This time, I pumped it in and out slowly, letting him savor the texture of my tongue on his hard dick, and increased speed until Jim moaned - this time quite furiously. Just as a joking remark and possibly a test just to see if his suspicions were right , he said, "Well, it's late and everyone else has left; I might as well get going too. I heard Jim moan great excitement at this and rolled his dick around on my tongue. TAGS straight men all tags. I knew that he was from how hot and pulsating his prick had become in my mouth, and just let him go as far as he wanted to.

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sucking straight friend

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We were watching some late movie after the other three people that were there left; and he was getting ready to go too. I pulled back and continued by taking in parts of his dick by the sides, licking it all over until I had completely covered it. Straight guys usually don't think of the immense resources available to them in the homosexual and bisexual community.

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