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boys first gay stories
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Then he slowed me down, "Don't suck, just hold the tip of my cock in your mouth. Shortly after he started massaging me, I figured out why he would want to do something so nice. I can't think of anyone who can actually laugh and think at the same time. It tasted so wonderful, kind of a sweet salty taste. When I was thirteen, I had a paper route that ran around my small country town in the Southwestern tip of Virginia. Something snapped and JJ took over the lead role.

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Ellison. Age: 27.
boys first gay stories

With a few quick thrusts, I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth, with twice the force of the piss from earlier.

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Alayah. Age: 23.
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Country Boys' First Experience

As he pissed I started humping his leg. I was so psyched that I flew threw my paper route, and Cindy and I made our plans to hang out that night. It felt great to be lying there next to my best friend, drunk for the first time, watching porn, by a then raging fire.

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