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But he does have his new comic, Chasing Amy , based on his relationship with Alyssa, which he shows to her when they run into each other at another comic con in New York. In , the future of lesbian films seems just as shaky as the future of lesbian bars. But apparently it was to him — no offense, Kevin. The weirdest, most important thing that ever happened to me was Clerks , and it was over. At one point during our conversation, Smith got audibly choked up, remembering the moment when Miramax said it was going to buy the film. And most of those boys are scary Her lesbianism, by this point in the film, has been extremely well-established — to everyone, it seems, except Holden.

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Kendra. Age: 24.
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After the festival ended, Mosier kept in touch with Turner — and, according to Smith, developed a bit of a crush.

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Marley. Age: 22.
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Looking Back At The Sexual Politics Of “Chasing Amy” 20 Years Later

I think that comes from being raised primarily by my mom But I do like ladies, and ladies who like ladies are lesbians, so I guess you can find logic there. Smith said that after the film was released, viewers would ask if he thought the two ended up together.

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