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Ideal for those who are familiar with building and tracking their food options in an application. Now every time a friend tells me about the new diet they are on insert any fad diet here I want to shake them and tell them that I know the woman who has the answer. The fat loss and wellness industry is a savage one that too often preys on the fear and insecurity of women. The pressures managing a career and a family are all-consuming but all the more reason to reclaim some for yourself. I know how scary change can be but I can assure you — no matter what your life experience prior to you arriving here reading this page, you absolutely have the power to change — I did — and I want to help you do it, too. As a result, she changed my life. People often remark at my weight loss and note that it must have taken a great amount of determination.

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Mackenzie. Age: 31.
muscle bound girl

I tried all the fad diets — low calorie, high fat, paleo, fodmap.

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Harlow. Age: 27.
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Are These Real Female Bodybuilders?

We all have struggles and we shared them. I have lost 33 pounds, gotten rid of blood pressure pills, and am leaving a few short months later a much happier individual! As a result, she changed my life.

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