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tumblr amateur gif
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The post, like nearly everything involving GIFs these days, proved remarkably successful. The GIF allowed for multiple frames to be packed into the same file, and then those frames could be played in sequence. In their place were illustrations, photographs, and visualizations that were as complex as they were beautiful. With all that in place, the GIF quickly became known for its best feature: it could move. As journalism just becomes another piece of content on the web—no different, really, than a Tumblr post or an amateur YouTube video—the habits of the successful amateur have been annexed by the professional. Increasingly, cool, just meant homespun. Her job is a simple one, but increasingly a necessary one.

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Madalyn. Age: 21.
tumblr amateur gif

Another miserable jobs report had restarted the debate about what, if anything, the Federal Reserve should do to help unemployed Americans find a job.

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Addilyn. Age: 20.
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The GIF as an art form has never had one set purpose. And then the GIF just keeps going and going and going, drawing the onlooker away from whatever else awaits in that Twitter stream and the twenty other tabs beside it. Less supply, but more cachet? Hypnotizing amidst a Web of distraction, the GIF has evolved from an obscure file format to an art movement to a pageview crutch.

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