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He slid in, slowly at first, his body trembling as her ass took his cock in and clenched down around him. This feels fucking fantastic. Del timed his thrusts into her with the way she rode Perry. As Del worked both fingers inside of her, Perry slid a finger inside her cunt, keeping another pressed down on her clit. Carissa returned to her almost-frantic pace, and Del held on as long as he could before the tightness and the quickness overwhelmed him. Please enable JavaScript to use the site. She finds a warm reception from Perry and Del, who long to initiate her into the joys of having two men for her mates.

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He began to work his finger in and out, first in halting motions, speeding up only when her muscles started to relax.

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The sensation of his lips on her skin was electric, despite the fact that it was too wet, too silly. After just a few minutes of her frenzied up-and-down movements, he gripped her hips a little tighter. He was just as hot as Perry, but in a completely different way.

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