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Ichigo put his right hand on the back of Rukia's head and added just a touch of pressure to encourage her to take in even more of his cock. She let the bitter seed flow down her throat and down to her awaiting stomach. Ichigo suddenly got a lot hotter than was appropriate in front of a woman, but at that comment, he grabs his talisman that Captain Ukitake gave him and went into his soul reaper form. On one hand, he can act responsible and sent Rukia away and then continue jacking off to magazines, or he could take advantage of Rukia's curiosity and have sex with a woman instead of his hand. Ichigo rode out the orgasm until the last jet of thick cum was shot into Rukia's mouth. As she realized what was going on, she kept on observing Ichigo. Rukia was starting to choke as Ichigo's pressure made her forcibly deep-throat the cock.

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He let go of her head and sat down on his desk chair basking in the afterglow of his monstrous orgasm.

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She then started taking in another inch, still bobbing her head back and forth as she heard Ichigo moaning more audibly than before, and she took it as a message to keep it up. Her voice was growing out of her control as she slipped a finger slowly into her slit. She opened the window in her room and used her shunpo to quickly get over to Ichigo's window. She was determined to finally find out what Ichigo does in his private time.

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