Sayaka reika

sayaka reika
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Back at their ruined base, Reika reveals to the Exters the true base known as "Josephine Rose". She informs Sayaka that she's reinstated the Etiquette Club in order to teach her humility and modesty, and should a cowardly act be repeated, there would be consequences. To the shock of Reika and Rie and even Todou's men, the new girls arrived and stopped the robbery. Sayaka swallows her pride and accepts her loss and calls a retreat. Saori is immediately awe-struck with Todo who introduces himself as "Brother Gilbert". Suddenly, a large fortress appears with Sayaka and Todou at the helm hoping to bring down the Exters forever, but Josephine Rose held its own and unleashes its own power to knock out the flying fortress.

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As if things weren't bad for Sayaka, her mother overheard everything happening at school.

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Reika and Rie use their own Battle Skippers to form a powerful ring of energy to destroy the giant robot and force Todou and his men to retreat. Once inside, arrows came flying out. She hoped to kiss him to repay him for saving her life, but instead Todou slips a drug into her mouth which has hypnotic effects.

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