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Xiao Shen, a pseudonym for a year-old girl from China, complained to her parents about severe stomach pains and constipation, according to Shaoxing Newsa Chinese media outlet. Read more: Over bubble tea balls got stuck in a teen's digestive tract and made her constipated for nearly a week. Here's how that's possible.

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It hurts to even think about it. A baseball takes an unexpected bounce when you're crouched and waiting to field a grounder, an opponent misses a kick on the soccer field and his foot has only one place to go, or you're speeding along on your bike and you hit a big bump. All result in one really painful thing — a shot to the testicles, one of the most tender areas on a guy's body.

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Pediatric urologists have surgically removed testicles found inside a year-old girl who was born without a uterus. She was referred for testing to Prof. David Zangen, director of the pediatric endocrinology and juvenile diabetes unit, who immediately suspected the syndrome included in a rare group of diseases involving sexual development.

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By Rob Bailey-Millado. A year-old Ohio student nearly dropped the ball when he put off getting hernia surgery due to school commitments, causing one of his testicles to rotate degrees, according to a study published this week in BMJ Case Reports. He ended up with testicular torsion, which crushes the nuts of nearly four out ofboys annually, according to a report sponsored by the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons.

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In the majority of cases, testicles are found in… well, in dudes. Boys, men, et cetera. From the outside, the 14 year old girl who showed up for surgery at Hadassah-University Medical Center presented female in every aspect.

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Does your growing teen boy often complain about pain in his nether regions? Is he uncomfortable while riding his bicycle or bike? Does his condition stop him from taking part in sports or strenuous physical activities?

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By Alex Greig. Philadelphia police have launched an internal investigation after a teenager allegedly suffered a ruptured testicle during a pat-down. Darrin Manning, 16, was with a group of teammates on their way to an after-school basketball game at 15th and Girard Streets when he was stopped by police officers.

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Whether the pain is the result of a rogue baseball at little league practice or a serious underlying medical issuediscomfort, swelling, and general pains in the balls are no joke, urologists confirm. Blunt trauma causes about 85 percent of testicular injuries, but the initial pain often resolves by itself, there are no physical changes, and men can get on with their lives — likely cuddling the same toddler that kicked them in the first place. Testicular torsion occurs when balls rotate, twisting the spermatic cord, and scrotal pain is typically accompanied by abdomen pain, nausea or vomiting, frequent urination, and a fever.

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I'm 14 years old and I've recently had aching testicles for a few hours a day maybe twice a month. I thought it might be growing pains, but could it be due to masturbation or because I keep my laptop on my lap constantly? Is it an infection?

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The most important thing to know about testicular torsion is that it is an emergency that must be treated immediately. But, it can be difficult for teenage boys to talk about their testicles or tell a parent if they are having pain. Boys need to know that any genital pain is serious and should not be ignored.


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