Reverse hypno

reverse hypno
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Rather than look back into the past for an underlying negative event, you look forward to an event with positive emotions. Here, a subject dealing with anxiety is misdirected to the visualization of themselves on a beach. Watch this video on insertive eye contact to learn how. On the contrary, you can make a direct suggestion loudly. A popular method for self-hypnosis. Erickson was a champion of indirect suggestion.

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reverse hypno

You take note of 3 things in the room that you can see, hear, and feel.

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Reverse Hypnosis - SisWen

The most difficult type, because you need to have some prior knowledge about the person. While that might be good for someone with a negative experience, positive experiences can also fade. The hypnotist has directed them from an unpleasant image towards a pleasant one. With the pattern interrupted, the subconscious mind is suddenly open to suggestion.

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