Tumblr taker pov

tumblr taker pov
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She and Cirno are going to get along just fine. But the execution proved to be even bigger than I had expected, and once it was there and started to get a lot of attention, I realized that now I had gone through with it, I needed to take it seriously. To fill in the remaining slots, we had Rengeteki as the obligatory fairy and the glasses-wearing Kappa from the Kappa mob. As for the rest, I had already discarded Clownpiece too strong , the Prismrivers unlikely to be there , anyone not a loli for…obvious reasons, or anyone part of any specific cast herd. The poor girl was already having a rough day anyway.

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Jaliyah. Age: 26.
tumblr taker pov

Thank you all so much for reading, and be sure to stick around!

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Bryanna. Age: 22.
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Though that aside, you really have to feel for Remilia here. Her status as a fictional character was going to literally drive her nuts, cause her to question everything, have an existential crisis, and essentially drive her mad, which is pretty ironic, considering what she is. She would try to deal, become obsessed with storytelling conventions, and over time delude herself into believing that she was the main character. Well, this was that scene, and it felt eerie to finally get to do it.

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