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I insisted, but he assured me it had been his pleasure. He was quite tall for his age. I took off my dress, and went into the bathroom, to prepare myself a warm bubblebath. He appeared to be sleeping comfortably. Nicky gave a surprised moan, and I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of it all. I tried to focus on something else, and closed my eyes. A second later he grabbed my shoulders, and kissed me again, bolder this time, and longer.

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Ashley. Age: 26.
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Then Nicky thrusted forward, and his shaft easily slid all the way in.

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Aubree. Age: 26.
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He always liked it when I did that. I got out of the tub, dried off, and slipped into bed naked. Each time he moved little more toward my vulnerable entrance. Any second I expected Nicky to come inside me, putting out the wildfire that was raging in my loins, but he lasted longer than me.

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