Morning quickie sex

morning quickie sex
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Get everyone's pants off ASAP — there's no time for shirts! Plus, quickies are all kinds of fun. Talk to him about something innocuous while soaping yourself up. Hop up onto the edge of your host's sink, spread your legs, and pull him toward you. Whatever part of yours he's extra into — lather that up especially.

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Savannah. Age: 25.
morning quickie sex

Have him pull out, give him the kind of kiss that let him know exactly what he's in for later, and go about your day, semi-soaked in lust.

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Elaine. Age: 28.
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5 Quickie Sex Positions for When You Literally Can't Wait

This is basically woman-on-top, but if you hook your legs over the chair arms, your legs will be extra-open, switching up the angle for you. Go ahead and moan if the mood strikes, and make sure you have consent before you start, but don't say a word throughout the whole experience after that! Tease him throughout the night — send him a racy text, flirt with him across the room, whisper something super-dirty in his ear when you pass by, whatever. If you don't have a removable showerhead and you need to get one at once — I must insist , you'll need to go analogue and guide his hand between your legs.

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