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Annual killifish are known to live their lives at one of two speeds: "pause" or "fast-forward. When rainwater fills small depressions across the landscape, the fish must hatch, grow, mature, and produce the next generation before the pool dries up. Now, researchers reporting on August 6 in Current Biology have found that these small fish in the wild persist by condensing their life cycle even more than expected based on studies in the lab.

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Augusto A. The sesarmid Perisarma guttatum is the most abundant crab species inhabiting the lower mangrove areas at Inhaca Island, and presumably an ecologically important species in this habitat. Among the scarce available information on its population ecology, this species is known to follow a semilunar rhythm of larval release, with breeding probably extended year-round.

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Items in UDSspace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. Ampofo-Yeboah, A. Aquaculture remains the fastest growing animal food-producing sector and it is set to overtake capture fisheries as a source of food fish, and also to outpace population growth.

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Some animals live fast and die young. That means they need to grow up fast, too. This week, researchers crowned a new record holder for quick growth: Susan Milius at Science News reports that the turquoise killifish, Nothobranchius furzerifound in Mozambique, can reach maturity in just 14 days, the fastest of any known vertebrate animal.

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The Nile tilapia O. Illustrations from Egyptian tombs suggest that Nile tilapia were cultured more than 3, years ago. Tilapia have been called Saint Peters fish in reference to biblical passages about the fish fed to the multitudes.

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Killifish are a family of freshwater fish that have evolved to survive in the most difficult of situations. Here in the United States, for instance, the Atlantic killifish is known for having adapted to live in heavily polluted places like the Lower Passaic River. But in small murky puddles that come after heavy rains in parts of East Africa, another killifish, called Nothobranchius furzeri, or the African annual fish, has developed its own unique adaptations to its environment.

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The fish is native to the southern and southeastern portions of the African continent, not quite reaching the Cape Regions The fish is native to the southern and southeastern portions of the African continent, not quite reaching the Cape Regions of South Africa. Essentially most of the eastward flowing rivers in east Africa are native habitat. Tilapia are often described as 'pioneer' species, meaning they thrive in disturbed habitats, opportunistically migrating and reproducing.

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Metrics details. The urine of freshwater fish species investigated so far acts as a vehicle for reproductive pheromones affecting the behaviour and physiology of the opposite sex. However, the role of urinary pheromones in intra-sexual competition has received less attention.

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The question plagues me as a conservationist, again: are we too late to protect the last ones? They could all vanish in as little as 40 years according to the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals October Dugong are long-lived, slow breeding, marine herbivores, and one of the most endangered of marine mammals.


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