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Usually, the same rope is used for both breasts so that the rope harness is automatically held together at the front. The position can be stringent and some would argue stimulating. Alternatively, the head can be pulled forward to force the chin to press against the chest. The hogtie position places pressure on the abdomen of the tied person, which may created difficulty in breathing known as postural asphyxia. This hands may be on the head, or behind the neck or in an over-arm tie. The frogtie, with the person restrained so, can also be used as a restrictive sex position or as a basis for more restrictive bondage.

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Very few people can adopt this position without dislocation of the shoulders.

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Bondage positions and methods

If such a cord is pulled extremely tight the wrists and arms will have very little freedom of movement particularly when combined with elbow bondage and the hands will be firmly forced in contact with the buttocks. This allows the rope bound person some ability to vary pressure on the genitals often causing sexual stimulation at the cost of reduced freedom of movement. Head bondage , in BDSM play, includes all techniques used to apply control to the head of the subject.

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