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Vaginal sex is my preference. To teach my husband a lesson, I let the guy fuck me in front of my husband while the other guys at the party watch. But I do like when guys make me their screensaver pic and send me a screenshot. If it ever happens, I think it will need to be with someone who we have no previous connection or emotional attachment to. I see that your husband knows of your fantasies and even role plays about your desires. So my question is, have you ever flirted with a guy in front of him? Perhaps baby steps of flirting, casual touching, or small things like that could break the ice to see how he feels.

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Giovanna. Age: 23.
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Anonymous asked: I was just wondering how you felt about Latin men?

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Ada. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Would you want a Latin lover assuming you ever went through with your fantasy. Vaginal sex is my preference. My husband lost a bar bet, and as a result I have to serve drinks to a group of guys at a Super Bowl party wearing skimpy lingerie.

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