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With urine, unfortunately, we cannot ingest waste products in the form they had when first ingested. Comparisons to wrinkly prunes are quite common. The poorer individuals, none the less anxious to use the agaric, were often frustrated by the cost and limited supply of the plants. This gives new meaning to the Beatle's line: "Get high with a little help from my friends. Some prefer a couple of urine drops mixed with a tablespoon of water applied sublingually several times a day. An early account of this curious practice states of the Koryaks that "when they make a feast, they pour water on some of these mushrooms and boil them. Another rather unscientific notion which seems to be accepted by urinophiles is that urine is really blood, since it is the byproduct of blood filtering by the kidneys.

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piss enima

Some of the chemicals found in amniotic fluid are not going to be found in most urine samples.

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Not only is the urine of another person drunk but an individual may utilize his own urine, frequently still warm, thus prolonging the action of the original mushrooms or renewing their effect several times. If you guessed that it would get rid of it, you guessed right. Hair is not toxic, either, and even though it might be a good source of roughage, it is generally not desirable to put hair in food. An orange or a tablet might be preferable.

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