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Trey Anastasio Amanda Green. Benny says that once the first person drops, more people will soon follow. Understudies were Kate Wilford and Chris Cunningham. As the contestants begin to bond they talk about what a truck means to a Texan and why the contestants want the truck and what difference it would make in their life "If I Had This Truck". Greg is hesitant to follow her and give up the competition, but decides it's more important that she doesn't hurt herself and runs after her. Then it is revealed that Heather, the common pretty girl in the competition, was chosen by Mike Ferris, one of the people running the competition to win, because she would look good in the advertisements and bring Floyd King Nissan more revenue.

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Jesus hallucinates he's playing with his dog and takes his hands off as if to throw a ball.

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The laughter transitions into a joyful hymn "Joy of the Lord" that everyone joins in singing, save for Chris Alvaro, the stoic veteran who's been unmoving and unspeaking for the whole competition until he cuts off the song, yelling for everyone to shut up. Cindy Barnes, the female host, approaches Jesus Pena, the Mexican contestant and says to him that if he wins she's going to have to see his green card. He's promised to do what he can to make the competition easier. By the end he's crying and runs offstage, the second to lose the contest.

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