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We agreed to be honest with one another and started dating again. Late one night he told me he still had feelings for me and wanted to try again. Anyway, one night after moving in, we went out to a bar one night, and met this gorgeous gorgeous guy, and we both really hit it off with him and took him back to our place. After the two others went to bed, the foot touching changed to a steamy make out, leading to his bedroom. Sleeping together never ruined our living situation, but I had to take myself out before it got too deep.

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Kennedy. Age: 24.
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So he comes home literally with a bottle of tequila in his right hand and a look of disbelief on his face.

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Maci. Age: 29.
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11 Confessions From Women Who Hooked Up With Their Roommates and Lived to Talk About It

We were at a bar with our other roommate and while Justin Bieber played over the sound system he told me this—whatever "this" was—wasn't working out. Sure enough, we ended up getting a little freaky together. In the end, I was happy for him and the fact that he was able to be comfortable being himself. About a year into living together we both started dropping hints that we may be attracted to each other, but neither of us wanted to make a move.

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