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My way too tall and way too smart and way too dorky and way too awkward maths teacher lived his entire life thinking that he was strange and abnormal for not feeling any attraction to anyone. Only took me about 18 years but learning about being asexual or aromantic finally explained some things for me. This drew away a lot of people looking for a place to be comfortable with their sexuality. So a pan girl in my class puts up her hand and asks if he was Asexual. By the new year we will all have our eyes open on the word Asexuality. Since telling my Mum that I considered myself ace, I already noticed that she was a bit… too interested, if you want to say it like that. I had almost the exact same conversation with my Mom.

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So thanks I guess, reading some posts on here finally helped me out.

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They were fully prepared for me to be a lesbian and I still managed to blindside them. AVEN argued that asexuality was simply the lack of sexual attraction and allowed all people of all varying degrees of asexuality within the community. I just have no interest in relationships or experience sexual attraction, always thought I was missing something.

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