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bound and gagged superheroines
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I was not surprised to be given my costume for the night. Additionally, she and Leila had been occupied with the chores of the house, unlike the other girls who had been subjected to beatings and long periods of stringent bondage guaranteed to wear down the physical and mental spirit. The nights had been tolerable with the air conditioning in the room. Two meals a day was another insidious way of lowering morale and weakening willpower, over and above the discomfort of sleeping in confining, uncomfortable outfits and sustaining various degrees of bondage and ill treatment each day. Megan unlocked my worksuit from my collar and I removed my work boots, then began to pull on the Spiderman outfit. I was all but dragged the last metre or so as she tugged on the chain to hurry me up before reaching up to lock it around the corner post of the balcony.

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Ordinarily I would have thought what an extraordinary likeness Elektra was to Mary from the sound of her temperament.

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A faint runnel of drool slipped around the edge of the red ball gag in her mouth. Her right arm was released at the same time and I turned my attention to the left ankle. Megan was now moving in concerted motion with my tongue and teeth, her breathing rapid, the sighing becoming louder and more ragged.

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