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While at reward, the trio laughed at Courtney's reactions during the challenge and her relationship with Shane. Danielle was convinced that one of her allies was going to be eliminated, however after Tyson changed his vote and Russell played his Hidden Immunity Idol , her alliance survived and Tyson was blindsided instead. They packed up their camp and brought everything they thought might be important to the challenge, only to be told by Jeff that they would not be merging. Danielle put the final nail in her coffin by telling Russell that her and Parvati were closer than he thought, leading her to be blindsided in a vote. On both her seasons, Danielle did not receive a vote against her until the 12th episode. She told him to shut up and they will talk about this in the morning.

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parvati shallow tattoo

Danielle was grossed out by the wound when it was treated.

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Danielle DiLorenzo

The two women woke up early the next day and found the Idol near the roots of a tree. She talked to Terry and agreed that the person who places last at the Final Immunity Challenge would be voted out. Shane announced he wanted to quit, shocking his alliance.

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