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They had sex twice during the week, more than typical for them. When Ally and Justin Swift explained what happened during their week of sleeping naked, Ally covered her face with her hands, and Justin chuckled darkly. But things went awry on the fifth day. And Justin says that he liked that touching Ally was easier and more accessible. Both say they are actively working towards more intimacy in the relationship. Just like with other surveys found 'round the Internet, it appears sleeping naked can kickstart a sex life or make people feel closer with their partners. Ally and Justin Swift 38 and 39 years old, respectively have been married for 8 years and together for

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The two both shyly say a typical week for them includes sex about three times a week.

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Mueller and Long also report that it was a great thing for their relationship. The time spent cuddling nude in the mornings made Mueller feel closer to Long, he says. The couple admits to having sex four times throughout the week, instead of their usual one-fourth.

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