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If you like this, then definitely check out the rest of Play Collar on Amazon and Amazon Unlimited - the full first chapter is after the break! Trying to cross-post my most recent tweet even though it was flagged when I tried this over the weekend…. His friend chuckled a bit but stayed quiet once he was stared down. But seconds later, I saw three hulking men get out of a nearby limousine headed my way. And as he left, I stayed there, too petrified to move. I wrestled back, thinking this was all a game, but then he flipped me over and yanked my pants down to my knees. John has currently been talked about in six of my books after being introduced in Weatherman Gone Wild.

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Jazmine. Age: 32.
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Description: John is at a crossroads in his life- his relationship with his dom, Sir, is going great, but he may be in too deep.

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Ruth. Age: 30.
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But now, I was regretting all of it. I honestly tried to hold him back, to save some of my dignity, but I was overpowered. He always joked around like that, and I tried not to let on how much it turned me on.

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