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Online fans have taken the idea of a Deadpool movie and run with it, and many are psyched that the movie carries an R-rating and looks like it's going to be unapologetically violent, gory, and vulgar. Deadpool is almost here, and it could be the movie that changes superhero films forever. But he deserves a second chance, and is absolutely getting it right this time. Although it isn't the first R-rated superhero comedy thanks to films like The Toxic Avenger and Kick-Ass , it's the first to be based on a very well-known and established comic book character — and a Marvel character at that. There was some legitimate worry among fans that Fox would cave and make the film PG with the hopes of drawing a larger audience, but the true Deadpool won out in the end.

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Classic trait from the comics?

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You know what else was bad? Everyone remembers that Ryan Reynolds' last attempt at a superhero movie, Green Lantern , didn't go so well — especially Ryan Reynolds. In case you couldn't tell by the internet's excitement, Deadpool is going to be good.

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