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Unfortunately, the story doesn't end here. If a person is filled with enough corrupted desire, a "palace" will be formed in the Metaverse with a cloned — or "shadow" — version of that person as its leader. As the main character, you can respond with only three options: "There's no other way," "Good luck, Ann" or "Hmm In this specific arc, they stand out when the main character — and, by extension, the player — can do nothing but agree or be complicit in what amounts to sexual harassment. If you've never played a Persona game, the fighting takes place in another parallel world called the Metaverse, which is based on our events or people in our world. Part of the plot in this arc is that Yusuke requests Ann model nude for him. Despite Ann repeatedly expressing her hesitance, her teammates insist that she must go nude for the sake of the plan.

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Upon transforming, she promptly cuts her sexualized self in half.

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Sexual harassment in ‘Persona 5’ is a big problem — and we need to talk about it

This symbol, by itself, is powerful — a young woman standing up for herself by awakening her true power and using it to destroy a misogynist effigy of herself. The game's political viewpoint feels much more coherent in the first part, when players fight Kamoshida, the volleyball coach who harasses his students. Around the same time, the main protagonist and his teammates decide to investigate Madarame. After you beat Kamoshida , the second arc introduces a young artist named Yusuke Kitagawa and his teacher, the next antagonist, Madarame.

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