Watterson gumball

watterson gumball
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Juke voiced by Hugo Harrison, music by Beatbox Hobbit [43] is a native of the continent of Boomboxemburg who moved to Elmore, and is, as described by Gumball, a " boombox head" who speaks entirely in beatboxing. While falling Gumball finds Bobert's original os disc and installs it. She takes great pleasure in giving her students pop quizzes and being generally unpleasant, and as such is widely reviled by the entire school body, save for Principal Brown, her love interest. Larry Needlemeyer voiced by Kerry Shale is an origami rock, who works at almost every establishment in Elmore, including the grocery store, the gas station, convenience store, several fast food restaurants and the DVD rental shop amongst other places. Small's eccentric and unconventional teaching methods are usually more confusing to the children than helpful, and despite his good intentions they often leave his office confused and not any better, if not worse from the time they entered.

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Lucy Simian voiced by Lewis MacLeod , season 1; Hugo Harrison, season 2 onward is a 2 million year old baboon and the sadistic teacher of Gumball and Darwin's class as well as a major antagonist.

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Gumball Watterson

Small realize that all traces of Molly have vanished and nobody else seems to have any memory of her. In "The Photo", Gumball envies him for having a beautiful face. In "The Awkwardness," Gumball wants to buy ketchup for a hot dog before running into the Hot Dog Guy many other times in the episode. Robinson is, however, pure evil and enjoys causing suffering for no reason.

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