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Although the invention is described herein with reference to the preferred embodiment, one skilled in the art will readily appreciate that other applications may be substituted for those set forth herein without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention. The contours of the backdrop includes deep crevices that give an illusion of depth. The tide pool device is preferably made of Plexiglas or glass to enhance its appearance, but may alternately be made of any other suitable material. A tide pool device adapted for use with an aquarium, comprising: a top container having side walls and a bottom wall, said top container being adapted to accumulate water;. Alternately, the tide pool device may be mounted on the side of the aquarium, or concealed within an opaque container. The width of the aquarium in the preferred embodiment of the invention is four inches, but other widths will work. In one embodiment of the invention, the cover includes floats not shown that have a lower specific gravity than water and that allow the cover to float upon and seek the water surface, even if the water level varies.

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terraria high tide

The tide pool device of claim 9, wherein said tide pool device is adapted for external attachment to a wall mounted aquarium.

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Hadley. Age: 22.
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US5467739A - Apparatus for simulating a tide pool in an aquarium - Google Patents

The tide pool device of claim 9, wherein said tide pool device is adapted for insertion within a wall mounted aquarium. When the top container is filled with water, the water flows into the overflow container The invention herein provides an aquarium having a realistic environment, for example by reproducing natural environmental rhythms, such as those of the tides; and provides an aquarium that is optimally displayed and integrated into the viewing environment.

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