Yuzu and karin

yuzu and karin
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As they're watching, it they do a weird pose and Ichigo asks them what they're doing. Isshin grants the request and Yuzu tells Nozomi that she can ask her for anything. Yuzu tries to give Ichigo a chocolate banana but he declines. She then wonders when Ichigo will return from what she believes is soccer camp. However, Karin tells her that even if you can see ghosts, if you don't believe in them then it's the same as them not existing. Rukia tries to decline the food but her rumbling stomach reveals that she is hungry so she takes the food in the end. Ichigo soon leaves to the Visored training ground without a word.

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Ciara. Age: 31.
yuzu and karin

She likes to play with him, calling him "Bostov", and this often involves her dressing him in feminine clothes and gluing on unwanted accessories, much to his chagrin.

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Moriah. Age: 23.
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Yuzu Kurosaki

Nozomi asks her what movies are. There's not a lot of sense in tat movie at all it was just Bleach characters if Michael Bay got involved. When Yuzu asks how it tastes, Nozomi states that it is delicious. Yuzu notices that he took a bath and complains that she wanted to go in too, and Ichigo tells her that she should learn to go by herself already.

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