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Willis and Williams write that this profile technique accomplishes many things on the black body: it disarms and makes vulnerable, it inspires an association with criminalization, and it is evocative of phrenology and the affinities of scientific racism. In a fall guest lecture at UC Berkeley, Anne McClintock spoke on the digital photographs taken by soldiers of the tortured prisoners at Abu-Ghraib which were emailed home and otherwise distributed. While Abrahams tries to refute the idea that Baartman was actually any different, Willis and Williams accept that some stereotypes, like any ideology, have a material reality but that does not validate their salience as fixed ideas of difference. Is the same possibility being pursued within the post-New Negro black aesthetic? In an environment where stereotype threat is prevalent, such an expansion of the narrative space offers the possibility of eradicating dominant stereotypes most of which are negative and their debilitating effects on Black women.

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She stated that this circulation served to assuage the fears and assert the dominance of a paranoid empire whose enemy is socially constructed and simultaneously a believed, and therefore perceived as a lived and invested, threat.

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However, there are times where you cannot help but to acknowledge that violence was a last resort to a terrible predicament. Photography gives the impression of almost literally transporting the viewer to these colonies and at the same time giving the audience a view from the seat of power looking upon the image with a sense of ownership over the distance. She gives the example that black women are conflated with motherhood and disabled women are excluded from it all together. Is the same possibility being pursued within the post-New Negro black aesthetic?

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