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guild wars 2 rule 34
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But my brain has decided it would rather be using that time to work on stuff. Posted on Sunday, 11 August Posted by ricebaker That means a lot to me, even now. That might have been the last time we could have seen him too. Without their support and encouragement, I might not have even made it this far. Three members, two of them are lesbian lovers because duh. First off, this is Alice Rose, one of three new characters added to the catalog today.

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Aileen. Age: 25.
guild wars 2 rule 34

Thanks to in no particular order : Urgnu the Gnu burning-firelina omegavalsharel-blog coraldinosaurcollectionus alicemallwa You folks trusted in my ability to deliver on your many, many amazing ideas.

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Olivia. Age: 24.
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I also should be saving up for my GW2 guild beach house meetup in July so I may be opening commission again soonish. Posted on Sunday, 26 January Posted by ricebaker So I changed them to Pyrotech torch, as in a welding torch and Bard shortbow respectively. I also rewrote big parts of her backstory.

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