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There is no basis in the bible or debatably afterwards to taboo sex — yet today in the ultra-orthodox communities, it is tabooed and considered impure. You claim a monopoly on morality, show no understanding whatever of rationally-based secular codes of conduct or those of other religions, and then accuse others of arrogance? Steven and I are doing just that right now. Because Some might proffer Trump as the current leader for the award. The article criticizes family purity on several grounds, and i will address these: 1. Mum and pup looked really well.

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And there is not answer for the marvelous universe cacophonous as it may be at times except for God.

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Those priest-dogs keep their flocks providing their memetic shepherd a good supply of generations of live meat to live off — and plenty of humble crowds, performing stunts to show deference, as a role model for the impressionable! Surely you must admit that you may be wrong, because you have no experience to dictate otherwise. I recognise god-beliefs as a mental delusion created by childhood indoctrination.

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