Yugioh screencaps

yugioh screencaps
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Varis emphasizes that the Ignis do not care about coexisting with humans and actually encourage hostility. As Zuzu prepares for her duel against Julia, Sora feels a strange sensation when passing by Shay. With Akira being held hostage, Playmaker is forced on the defensive. Meanwhile, as Yugo shows up somewhere nearby, Zuzu speaks with Selena, questioning if she truly understands what Duel Academy is doing to the Xyz Dimension. Declan announces they will be going to recruit allies in the Synchro Dimension, where it is revealed Zuzu has been taken to.

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Journey. Age: 29.
yugioh screencaps

Best of Friends, Best of Duelists 1.

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Quality Yu-Gi-Oh!

Meanwhile, Shay is defeated by Sora just as Selena arrives on the scene. Although Zuzu herself is uncertain about who she saw, she decides to believe in Yuya. This allows for exciting Action Duels.

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