Bottom rig for saltwater surf fishing

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In many areas they are available and easy to catch year round. Read on to see how you can successfully target the small but feisty whiting. Southern Kingfish Menticirrhus americanus aka Southern Kingcroaker.

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Float fishing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sea fishing. But you could be missing out on a lot of fun. But then you see hundreds of sprats jumping up less than twenty yards from your lifeless rod tips.

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Rigs are very important in fishing and different ones should be used for different types of fishing. The first couple of rigs on this page are the basic rigs and the last couple are the basic rigs applied to certain types of fishing. For example, a flounder rig is based on the principals of the versatile bottom rig and the spreader bottom rig.

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When many people think of saltwater fishing, deep-sea typically comes to mind. This may mean entering a boat and going several to hundreds of miles from shore. In many cases, it can be more productive just working some shallow water near shore, especially if all you need are a few fish for the pan.

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There are quite a number of anglers who either by choice or circumstance do not fish from a boat but nonetheless are passionate onshore anglers. Land-based platforms such as wharfs, dockspiers, and jetties may be popular with many of them, but those who regularly fish the surf tend to be an independent breed of their own. What some of them lack in the way of a boat they more than make up for in their beach vehicle.

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To create a setup that will allow you to present cut bait herring, Atlantic mackerel, or clams to predatory fish patrolling the surf:. This configuration will allow the bait to remain near the bottom where the pyramid sinker is resting, but the swells and current will pull the chunk bait a few feet up in the water column. By keeping the bait above the bottom, its movement imitates a swimming prey fish and helps to keep it out of reach of bottom-dwelling crabs and lobsters.

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These pages cover the real basics of sea fishing for beginners. Think of page 1 as a dummies guide to sea fishing. It can feel like a minefield out there with new products coming out almost daily. Do you need most of this to start off?

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He guides families and individuals surf fishing and night fishing under dock lights in the back bays. During the daytime, he takes them fishing on the grass flats and artificial reefs. Hayes knows how to catch inshore fish near and on beaches, and his tactics will work for you.

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