Teens sinning

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Most devout Christians believe that the Bible discourages sex before marriagebut what about other forms of physical affection before marriage? Does the Bible say that romantic kissing is a sin outside the boundaries of marriage? And if so, under what circumstances?

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No one robs a bank because they want to go to prison. Prison is just the consequence pointing to a poor decision. Maybe if law-breakers considered prison first, fewer banks would be robbed.

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On a beautiful sunny morning, I invited my almost eight-year-old granddaughter, Vicki, to walk with me near a lake, which is actually a water reservoir for our beautiful city. We walked happily, listening to the soft noise of the crystal clear brook running alongside our path. The path was lined with beautiful green trees and sweet-scented flowers.

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When we are born, we are born into a sin nature. That means that we are literally unable to not sin and be perfect. When Adam and Eve fell from grace in the Garden of Eden by eating fruit from the tree that God told them they could not eat from, they introduced sin into the world Genesis Now, every human being since them has had a curse upon them.

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We told a lie, cheated on a math test, were mean to your brother, or any number of other things. At some point or another in life, we all sin. We chose to follow something other than what the Bible says.

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Talking about sin Each year, as Lent has drawn to a close and the Easter season opens, I look forward to talking to my middle school confirmation class about sin. As adults, we might enter into a Lenten discipline of self-examination, considering those things done and left undone. We struggle and atone for our failings, but unless our transgressions are actual crimes, we rarely have to answer to anyone for our behavior.

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One of the biggest questions for Christian teens is whether or not having a crush on someone is actually a sin. We've been told so many times that lusting is a sin but is a crush equal to lust or is it something different? Depending on your perspective, lusting can be no different than having a crush.

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Every believer has beat themselves up about this horrible inability to stop sinning. It is totally normal—even for the most pious and perfect-looking person. Even the apostle Paul said in Romans"For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.

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God promises to forgive those who repent, confess their sins, turn from those sins and turn toward a life of obedience. Most people stop at just feeling sorry when they get caught, but that is not enough. The process of conversion and living the Christian life requires work.

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From infancy, it appears, we struggle for control to get what we want, when we want it, and in the way we want it. This independent drive to be in charge lies behind every struggle for power, every prejudice, every conflict, and every abuse of relationship since the dawn of time. But where does this inner compulsion — which started with Adam and Eve — come from?


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