Asian spiderwort

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A pretty bluish-purple flower on lush lilylike foliage sounds like an ideal candidate for your garden, but tropical spiderwort Commelina benghalensisor benghal dayflower, is a plant you not only should not plant but should take steps to control when you see it. This perennial, similar in look but not related to common spiderwort Tradescantia spp. Tropical spiderwort spreads not only by self-seeding above ground, but the crafty plant produces small seed-producing flowers on its underground roots.

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In deinem Web-Browser scheint Javascript deaktiviert zu sein, weshalb du Flowgrow ggf. Klicke hier, um zu erfahren, wie du Javascript aktivieren kannst. With its very narrow leaves growing in two lines Murdannia keisak looks very much like a grass, however, it truly belongs to the family of Commelinaceae, like the well-known houseplants of the genus Tradescantia or the "Golliwoog" plant Callisia repens.

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Search for native plants by scientific name, common name or family. If you are not sure what you are looking for, try the Combination Search or our Recommended Species lists. Virginia spiderwort is a large but dainty perennial to 3 ft.

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Home About. Plant stems are succulent, form roots at the nodes, and grow prostrate along the ground. Stems are in.

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If you believe you have found this species anywhere in Pennsylvania, please report your findings to iMapInvasives by submitting an observation record. Already a registered user? Login to submit your observation.

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Leaves are alternate, lily-like, 1. Aboveground flowers are very small with relatively large lilac to blue petals and are present from the spring into the fall. Underground flowers, which grow on burrowing rhizomes, are white and very small.

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Murdannia keisakmarsh dewfloweris an annual, emergent plant in the spiderwort family. It is known by several other common names, including aneilema, wart-removing herb, Asian spiderwort, and marsh dayflower. Three-petaled, perfect flowers, white to bluish-purple or pink, are found in the upper leaf axils and at the ends of stems.

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Members of the genus are known by the common names spiderwort [5] or Indian paint. Subsequently, some species have become naturalized in various regions of EuropeAsiaAfricaand Australiaas well as on some oceanic islands. A number of species have flowers that unfold in the morning and close when the sun shines on the flowers in the afternoon but can remain open on cloudy days until evening.

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The other morning I was delighted to find two dewy purple flowers blooming side-by-side in my garden: one was a morning glory, the first of this summer, and the other was a Tradescantia, or spiderwort. Like the morning glory, the flowers of the Tradescantia only last for a day, but there always seem to be lots of new buds waiting to take their place. Tradescantia is named after two English botanists, John Tradescant the Elder c. The son made several expeditions to the New World and introduced many American trees and plants to Europe, including Tradescantia virginia.


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