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Everybody knows that when a loved one dies, the only way to cope with the loss is to have sex Jack starts to stab him with one of his icicles, and it looks like Sam might be dead as he starts to bleed, when all of a sudden Paul pulls up in his truck and honks the horn. Want to help show your support? Not wanting to join in with the consumption of roasted marshmallows, Jack turns himself into a giant snowball and bursts into the church where all the townspeople are hiding. All in all, Jack Frost is a highly underrated horror-comedy if you ask me. In a heroic effort, Sam musters the energy to leap out of the window with Jack Frost in his arms and they both land in the back of Paul's truck which is now filled with anti-freeze.

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In an act of desperation, Sam throws the baggie of disgusting food that his son made for him earlier in the movie into Jack's face.

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Jack Frost then bursts into the door and proudly proclaims, "Well it ain't fuckin' Frosty! You'll be missed Tommy, you'll be missed. Here, while everybody is running for their lives, he walks towards the flaming remains of the sheriff's office with some marshmallows on a stick. His steam starts to leak from the pipes and soon enough, he's able to re-form his snowman self and chew up the face of Agent Manners.

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