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sexy ladies kissing
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The sensation should be very brief and very quick and if properly done will leave you both hot and hungry for more. However the no holds barred quick tongue kiss is intense and even though it is of a short duration, it is very invasive and dominating. Socially, a quick kiss is not one you would give someone you just met, as by it's very nature it is very intimate and requires prior carnal knowledge of the other person, before being attempted. Then lean over and with an open mouth, plant a kiss that encompasses and covers both his lips. Hold it for a quick second and move away. Ladies Kissing, Dating, and Seduction. The open mouthed, 'your lips covering his' no tongue kiss, is gentle and calm as it is a reassuring kiss, more than an intensely exciting one.

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But just to prepare him, run your thumb over his lower lip and enter his mouth with your thumb, so that it is open and so much more responsive to your quick kiss.

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Valeria. Age: 27.
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You do have time, but want a kiss that is instantly arousing. You cannot quick kiss a stranger, but you can quick kiss someone, whom you have been with and whose very look of desire turns you on. The instantaneous tongue slipping between the lips, mimics the powerful act of making love and presumes that it will be accepted, welcomed, invited and wanted.

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