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She also has some of the best lines in the game. When she left the story for a bit I kept dying, I wasn't used to not having ammo and health constantly tossed at me. She starts out with a clean slate, and ends up with blood on her hands. Her story shouldn't just end with this game at the edge of the river. No inappropriate use of sea-going mammals on a first date? First off, I have not finished the game yet so please no spoilers. It's to the point where I want to marry her and start a family with her and get to brag to everyone in the family, all friends and pretty much every other person in the world that she is my lovely wife as she follows close clinging to my arm.

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I only wish more plot had been added.

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With ‘Doctor Strange 2,’ Marvel Better Stay the Hell Out of Sam Raimi’s Way

I know lots of people think Elizabeth just slings coins at you like some drunk chick at a Chippendale's concert, but lets face it, she is the heart of the story. Peter Molyneux use to "brag" if you will about the emotional connection you would have with a dog or character you held hands with but I just never got that. First off, I have not finished the game yet so please no spoilers.

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