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How…why did the Triforce of Power give you that? Additionally, his faith in the goddesses had diminished as the evil dick was even now, devouring his faith. Setting and Characters: The ensuing events occur at an indeterminate time in Hyrule's history and the conversation occurs when a passing Hylian notes that Ganondorf is currently not wearing clothes. Why, I haven't laid with a women for centuries! That would be a bad enough response if I asked you where you peed, but you pointed out the areas on the thing itself. An explanation of Ganondorf's most hidden secret, assuming he suddenly didn't care if it was hidden.

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It gives me the ability to float!

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It had already devoured most of his liver, which is the organ most like faith, so it's not that big of a stretch. They are the only two in the area, on the beach by Lake Hylia, where Ganondorf had apparently been swimming, without any clothes. And besides I'm pretty sure the part of it that's dripping lava would burn through most metal. How do you like…go to the bathroom?

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