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The two share many of the same structures, including separate forums for separate topics, as well as similar audiences. The Guardian describes it as "at once brilliant, ridiculous and alarming. Anonymous and the Internet. There are currently several Futaba-based imageboard software packages in widespread use: Futallaby , Wakaba , Kusaba X. A tripcode is the hashed result of a password that allows one's identity to be recognized without storing any data about users. Imageboards, similar to bulletin board systems , are used for discussions of a variety of topics. An English-language imageboard based on cannabis culture [22] which was created on April 4, by Kirtaner Aster.

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Wakaba is a Perl imageboard script with a SQL backend to store thread information.

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Savannah. Age: 31.
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In Japan , where imageboards are more common [ citation needed ] , topics will vary widely, ranging from trains to current news. Kusaba X is a continuation of Kusaba. Entering a particular password will let one "sign" one's posts with the tripcode generated from that password, while trying to take another user's tripcode and compute their password from it for instance, to make posts that appear to come from a particular person is computationally difficult.

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