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piss on panties
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So when I recently discovered that the much-discussed "period panty" company THINX had also developed underwear for bladder leaks, I was perhaps way too eager to try them. Great , I thought, and then, Whatever , at least I'm wearing this underwear. When I am properly hydrated, I have to pee anywhere from 15—30 times a day. The underwear themselves looked chic and sleek on the outside, though, and came in a pleasing heather blue. I expected them to look the same on me as they did on the fit, fun moms from the website, but they are tighter than what I'm used to and made my ass cheeks pucker and flare out, resulting in bad panty lines.

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Perla. Age: 29.
piss on panties

I am still a recovering bulimic, and have been advised to follow a rehydrating plan requiring at least liters of water a day—caffeine intake being a large consideration.

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Zion. Age: 21.
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Urine Luck: Woman Who Pees 30 Times a Day Tries Pee-Proof Panties

Miraculously, the underwear withstood several "little leaks" and "tinkles" during the play, and it was nice to ride home on the subway in dry clothes. According to a nutritionist I saw at the age of 15, the adjustment period of having to pee a gallon of water every five minutes during rehydration can last anywhere from "a few weeks" to "forever" depending on how long you abuse diuretics. When I am properly hydrated, I have to pee anywhere from 15—30 times a day.

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