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We work with different factories, and we can help choosing one if you want. As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. If you build your own doll, we can make it as you want. So for custom design where it says add pic do you make it exactly as the pick and how thick they are For a custom body design, we will manufacture the body as thick as you want. I have a model that I would like to see in reality , you make , ok. Upon shipment, we will provide you a tracking number. With all these systems in place, we make sure that you and us are both safe.

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Angelica. Age: 30.
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The 3D model needs to be sculpted and the mold has to be manufactured according to the sculpture.

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Leyla. Age: 32.
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Adults only (18+)

Hi can i send photo of women and you build her to sex dolls? Please reach out and tell us more about your project so we can assess it Can i send a pic of celeb and have doll perfect looks like picture? What if I have have lots of pictures I want to send because I want my girl to be perfect.

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