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Anything flashy will help stave off any crushing realizations like the one I just had! Even if I had weird feelings about my body and dysphoria for days, I resisted the idea that I was anything but the label I had given myself, because that rigidity of a label works both ways. When I was thirteen, I came out to my mother as gay, and cried my goddamn head off doing it. I need to stress that I fucking am. Tinder You might not have love but you can fuck the pain away.

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Explore the room—go from one wall to another, to the middle, to the porch, come back—figure out where it is you want to be.

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Other than that, some of the things parents say involve repeating things they have heard about trans people from cis people—either from their church officials or even from their doctors. Some trans people may say that that is also transphobia and therefore unacceptable in any regard, and I do see their point. Annoying, unpleasant, and makes transpeople feel kinda like freaks, but understandable. Sure, chilling in your apartment might not be a great date, but like, you can make dinner, light a few candles or whatever, right?

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