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That whole day I felt a bit strange, not bad, just strange. Thursday, June 27, This weekend. The temptation was too strong and I did slip into the bedroom a couple of times to sneak a peek, the first time she was still doing makeup and hadn't dressed yet, the second time she was in her dress Lots of things have been going on, and I haven't been very good about writing about them. I came hard when, at one point in the video, she dropped to her knees right in front of the camera and took his cock in her mouth.

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Amia. Age: 31.
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I've been sharing caption pics of hotwives from tumblr with my wife recently and after showing her this one in particular , she gave me some positive feedback and described how she would like to have the same

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Vienna. Age: 28.
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Sharing my stories about my wife....

I remember at one point being in the yard while she was in the shower and thinking to myself that she was getting ready for him that night, not for me. How much sex would she have even at the auditions? Given that it was a residential neighborhood my options were limited and I got lost more than once while trying to navigate, hearing the increasingly breathy sound of my wife's moans coming from my phone.

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