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There have been so many awful revenge thrillers lately that we've almost forgotten that it's possible to make a good one, and this is a rare example of striking the right balance of exhilarating action and dark emotion. They make plans, along with experienced American soldiers, to steal back the weapon and win back their homeland. As Vulture's critic wrote John Wick is 'a beautiful coffee-table action movie. Their father gets captured by the military forces while they hide and he uses a megaphone to bravely tell his sons to kill the soldiers holding him prisoner and he is subsequently shot and killed. According to Deadline , the idea had been for the untitled show to follow on from events in the second season of 'Agents of SHIELD', but the proposal had left fans divided over the thought of taking some of the strongest new characters away from the main 'SHIELD' series. And even worse, they have indulged in exactly the same over-serious idiocy that the first film was gently lampooning.

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John Wick Trailer John Wick was one of the criminal underground's finest hitmen until the untimely death of

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There is a sudden mass powercut across a large chunk of the country and before long, a squadron of aircrafts fill the sky with hundreds of North Korean soldiers parachuting from them. RT TomCostantino: The amazing adriannepalicki surveying the troops in a special place on theorville. The angel Michael Bettany has fallen from heaven, cut off his wings and armed himself to the teeth.

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