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The Movie to assist in the capture of Dr. When he is seen by humans on Hawaii , he typically attempts to pass himself off as Samoan , though Lilo once told Mertle he was a dog-catcher from Nairobi , which the other girl believed. Hasagawa , is a little old lady with grey hair and wears glasses, and is the owner of the town's fruit stand. Lilo then enlightens him on how he could do whatever Stitch can, prompting him to reveal his incredible powers and fix the ship to make it fully operational again. Sparky Experiment is one of the experiments created by Jumba, and one of Stitch's cousins. She is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the dubbed version. Frank Welker Steven Blum Stitch!

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nani lilo

When Nani is fired because of Stitch's violent behavior, he informs her that he can not ignore her being unemployed and gives her three days to get a new job.

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PSA David From “Lilo & Stitch” Is Better Than All The Other Disney Princes

The episode "Finder" reveals his given name to be Wendy, which on his home planet Plorgonar is a masculine name meaning "great warrior", although he ironically actually dislikes it despite his effeminate nature and the name's feminine connotations on Earth. He has no skeletal system and has an extremely small brain smaller than his eye; Jumba once said that Pleakley has "Too much eye, not enough brain". On one occasion he suffers amnesia and Gantu mocks him by making up embarrassing lies to fill in the blanks. It was Nani, in the original film, who allowed Lilo to adopt Stitch from the pound, where he had been mistaken for a dog.

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