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Very similar to the Bieber situation. Basically someone with all the ignorance that teenage years bring having the ability to act on those bad decisions. Yeah it's laughable that "Vine celebrities" are even a thing but a high profile rapist is a high profile rapist. Most popular Viner who doesn't depend on racist, sexist or homophobic comedy. Nothing wrong with a dude wearing eyeliner! Widely known, but not widely spoken of. I've talked to some of these Nash fangirls and the reactions are pretty similar as well, won't listen to reason and dismiss anything that isn't "omg, he's so hawt and talented!

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Elora. Age: 25.
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What a time to be fucking alive.

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Valentina. Age: 29.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I mean just look at that piece of meat. My point here is how Nash Grier fans blindly follow the dude a lot like Bieber fans, not the actual gravity of Nash Grier compared to Bieber and Rooster Teeth. They stand around and try to be funny and "cute" and attempt to reenact the shitty things they do on Vine and these dipshit girls eat it all up. No defaced Wiki screenshots Any screenshots of Wikipedia or other wiki articles that are defaced will be removed.

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