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Question My question is about something not clear to me from long time. Allaah also named having sex in the anus as a great sin and something that transgresses its limits. If one chooses to have sex in the anus the corporal punishment determined by Islamic Law will be applied to him exactly as if he had sex in the vagina. If a man has sex in the anus with a marriageable woman he deserves a corporal punishment determined by Islamic Law, which is to be slashed times and exiled for one year if he is single, but if he is married he will be stoned to death, because he had forbidden sex. What is the Hadd in Islam to that person? Using dirty language during sexual intercourse.

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Roleplaying between spouses to enhance intimacy.

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Punishment of elicited aggression

Punishment for having anal sex with wife Fatwa No: Ibn Qudaamah said: ' There is no difference, whether one had forbidden sex in the vagina or in the anus. Asking the wife to pretend to be another woman during intercourse. Harmful effects of anal intercourse.

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