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All my fears were smashed, since the taste and smell of his ass was nothing like I expected: It was pleasant and not intense. Kinda makes me wish I was in bed right now! I've seen that guys like to be on all fours while having a rim job. Playing music helps make the mood and keep the rhythm. And there's really no advice for that, because every body is so different you just have to play around and figure out what works best for you. Then I have my mouth and tongue back on his ass while I'm reaching around giving him a hand job. Sonya: I definitely enjoy it from my end.

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Ariyah. Age: 29.
tumblr rimjobs

Trust me on this one, if it's a hard no, then introducing it by surprise probably wouldn't be a way to make them try it again.

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Karter. Age: 30.
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3 Women Share What It's REALLY Like to Give a Rusty Trombone

The first time was spontaneous, but I felt comfortable with this person and knew they had just showered. He introduced me to what has become one of my favorite sex acts, giving rim jobs. The act itself doesn't turn me on, but seeing my partner get pleasure is very exciting for me … I do it still occasionally, but I wouldn't call it a regular part of my sex life. And I get more than a little excited, myself, when giving them

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